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cause of death: too shy to call ambulance

Didn’t want to inconvenience anyone

Someone else might have needed it more



Andrew Lincoln on set of The Walking Dead season one episode 1 "Days Gone Bye"



don’t tell me what to do.


my life is a joke and i’m not laughing anymore

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so i was wondering what my teachers water bottle said and



Okay so this is seriously the best. This is an application for Tumblr that blends in with the regular layout. Thanks to this app, I can create lists of blogs: as you can see, I’ve made three. One where I put blogs that only post black and white pictures, one where I have collected all the talented photographers I follow, and one with the ~20 blogs I reblog from most often.

If I click on one of my lists, I get to a dashboard that looks just like the regular one - but with posts from the blogs I’ve added in the list only! This makes blogging so. Much. Easier. You have no idea. It has no ads and it is free, of course.

Do you want this?

If so, here is how you get it too!

  1. Go to http://www.listr.io/
  2. Click "Get Started"
  3. Sign up for the beta version!
  4. To be able to use the app, copy and paste this invitation code: 5346c104cf249ca724000031
  5. Ta-daa! Now you can start creating lists of your own!

I don’t mean to spam or annoy you, I just really find Listr SO useful. And the more people I invite, the more lists I am able to make (this is because it is still a beta version). So, yeah! Win-win! :D 

If you feel like it, reblog so that more people will find out about this. I think MANY people have been waiting for an app like this, I sure was, haha. x